Quattro chiacchiere con “Passion and Meaning”

Una piacevolissima chiacchierata sul mio percorso musicale dagli inizi ad oggi, fatta con Olivia Chute (pianista e compositrice).


When were you first introduced to music?

I started to study music and play the piano, when I was 7.  As a family we’d just moved from the big city (Trieste) to a small town, and it was there that I fell in love with the sound of the harmonium (aka reed organ) that I heard being played in the local church.  Seeing my enthusiasm, my parents approached the organist and the next thing I knew I was having some lessons. It was true love … and it unleashed a passion that has evolved since that very first day I stepped into the church as a young boy.

Tell me about your favourite music teachers.

Over the years, I have had a good many different teachers. But the one whose memory I carry most deeply in my heart is Alessandro Bojkow, who helped prepare me for admission into the Conservatory “Giuseppe Tartini” here in Trieste.

Alessandro was totally in love with music, and his teaching style was absolutely perfect for me. During our piano lessons, we had time for classical, jazz and rock as well. It was this wide outlook to different genres and techniques that definitely helped me become open minded about music in the largest definition of the term. What’s more, he was the first person to teach me that absolutely everything can be represented with the piano. Any melody, any arrangement… any feeling, without exceptions. I’m very grateful to him for everything he taught me.


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